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That's a great thing. We know this about fathers and sons and sports and passing that on, so I think that's really cool. Listen, thing is tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the passing of Kobe Bryant and I want to get into your piece about Kobe and Zach Randolph in a moment, But overall when you think about the passing of Kobe What kind of thoughts come to mind? I think I'm like everyone, and I know you had a relationship with him. And I think we're all fans. Media What you know? It still is incomprehensible. It is just still. Impossible to believe. I had this conversation with so many colleagues. We write these stories. You know, I've lost count. By now. How many? Kind of retrospective tribute inside every kind of pieces kind of telling. Various aspects of Kobe story and after writing them, they still just does not think in. It just still does not seem possible. It's The saddest story I've ever covered in my 35 years doing this and I have a feeling it's it's gonna always be the saddest story that I have recovered. It's just Not just for what Kobe's meant to people within sports and beyond sports, But There were three teenage girls on that on that helicopter and just live cut so tragically short and I think what just sticks for me is Go be with 17. When I met him. I was the Lakers beat writer for the L. A daily news. So he was He was 17 at the first. Press conference that I covered with him when he was introduced to the Laker. And you know his his daughter was with him and you know, it's the they're teenagers on that helicopter. Lets out the belly. Peyton Chester's, You know they're teenagers, too, And I just that that's the part that I just can't let go up. Right. Marc Stein is joining us. So Mark Zach Randolph moved to Southern California after he retired and his daughter join Team Mamba. What was Zac's impression of Kobe when they played in the league. Yeah, you know, look, they were They were contemporaries. Randolph was wrapped in 2001. So Kobe was in the league for five years by that point, but Zach worked his way to all star status. They played in a couple of all Star games together, so they were No rivals, but it was really nothing more than a mutual respect of, you know, guys who cross has a lot on the court. And, uh, you know, I think I think people were aware after everything happened last January that Zach Randolph daughter was on the team on the team. Kobe coach But back and his daughter they really haven't talked much about this and you can understand it. I mean the grief for everyone really involved in this so close to it Just It must be unbearable. And there are a lot of stories about when this thing shattered five families. I mean this disk dis crash. It's It's got to be impossible. Talk about for People whose families were directly involved. But I Probe back recently to see if he would be willing to discuss it because he just had this Unique perspective, going from an all star competing against Kobe for years. Now. Phobias coaching his daughter. They you know you never. I mean Zach himself that it never could have imagined. That he and Kobe Bryant would form this coach. Parent partnership. But Zach Randolph just speak of. I mean, he says, Kobe is the best ever do it. He's not talking about the player. He's talking about the coach. He was that moved. By how much Kobe put in the coaching that team. And You know, Kobe did I mean I think maybe the most telling line and then the pieces you know, Zach Randolph said..

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