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Prepare for the possibility of going into trade without and of course, you look at the depth chart at running back. You have converted wide receiver Cordell Patterson. You have that gadget players, Rico in a bunch of unproven guys right now, If Montgomery is going to miss even weak one going forward, How did the neg utilizes that running back room and do you think they go explore the free agent market? Well, I think if it's a short term injury, maybe a speculating here 2 to 4 weeks, maybe they'd try to make it work Patchwork. Maybe one veteran just to join the comittee. Obviously, they really like, Yeah. Cory Harrison the thing very excited about using them more than just one carry game, potentially, but that's asking a lot. As you said, This guy's a Career receiver kick returner not built to be running back treat cones that built to carry the ball the way Montgomery does right now probably is physically built to do it, But he's got two carries in his career for a reason. Devonta Freeman is the guy, right? If this is a long term injury, you know ifyou're have some cap space. Yeah, was asked Josh. Why is he a bill? Why is he free agent now? Has been back in Dallas for about a month. Now, Kevin, I think it's not eight fully padded practices. Are we any closer to getting clarity in the quarterback competition? Shouldn't anybody have an edge? Right? I think Wednesday's practice was the first time we saw someone separate. That was Nick Foles. They open practice with this two minute drill holes through a beautiful deep, all the winds and the next play just the laser. To Reilly richly done sideline for touchdown. They were true. The best throws we've seen in team drills. You consider the fact that there was a situation going on there running, no huddle all those things it's like and then Mr Mistaking of next granted with the second team offense of live and you could see the impact of that lots of pressure Couple sacks, But he struggled in his sequences. So that that was a big difference, of course, is a no flip. In Thursday's practice in terms of who's with one twos? Oh, I expected a little bit more from Nichols in these practices, but I don't think Mr Miscue eyes probably completed. Mohr throws in her Wow throws which we've seen him do over the years. He's credible, athlete, gifted.

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