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I've ever met was the dead one. Yeah right so. And if he didn't say those exact words the same thought them he. He did You know the these are the more complicated complex people that get into phil. Sheridan is also a great advocate for black americans. Yes wise. He an advocate for black americans but not for indigenous americans. This is reality. This is the complexity of history of people. What you know. Prejudices have been have been introduced to what extent. Yeah these are three dimensional figures. They have shiny nightside's yeah they have really dark sites just like all of us. Yeah so i mean. I am not making an argument for moral relativism here. But you know the good guys do bad things. The bad the bad guys do good things Sometimes good things are done for the wrong motivations and you know vice versa. Wrong things are done ulysses grant with his peace policy. That is a very good man who has very noble ambitions and his peace policy towards the indigenous. Population is It's it's not it's not working. Yes yeah it is. It's it's unworkable right. He can't enforce it and it doesn't enforced. I frankly i i love grant. The he's one of these people that the more i learn about him for the part you know the more i think of him. My esteem increases You know but he's human being he's gonna make wrong decisions. Yeah do and those have huge ramifications. Absolutely do so. Yeah i it's just it's important to tell the whole story about any person and and if we can not expect perfection more historical figures we can realize that their lies are as complicated and difficult as ours Yano and include those and statements like you were saying earlier. Don't jump to the or statements jumped to the and statements phil sheridan. Did this good thing and this bad thing quote unquote. Yeah yeah well. I don't know if there's a better not wrap up then on that Yeah i mean. He's a really hard subjects honestly. It's it's the sort of thing where i wish all of you could be a classroom with me. And we can have an actual discussion It's one of the one of the frustrations of it. All being you know over a mike and so one dimensional earth not wanna mention one directional right But i hope that you've gotten a lot of good information and and things for for you to think about and be able to discuss right. How well making very radical shift. In topic seattle your. I'm leaving even i'm leaving. Hdd tedious this is my last episode. With h t s. it's There are a lot of exciting things happening in my life didn't make it palatable to leave But it is it's hard. It's hard to acknowledge so For the past year and a half. I've been getting a master's in academic advising and all graduate This coming august and in the meantime i have re. I've accepted a position as an economic advisor. Actually at the same university. Where craig works so. I think our paths will still cross occasionally. Well yeah. we'll still see. I'm going to miss working with you on this though and i'm gonna miss working with you on this. I mean i'm. I'm excited to launch a new part of my career. Absolutely and i'm excited for you as i told you from. It is kinda funny thinking about both you and josh and the like. I don't know you had a similar facial expression when you when you break me as news i. I'm happy. I'm so happy for josh. He is doing fantastic You know and i'm happy for you and obviously at. Yeah i i miss working with josh rates. Yeah we love lindsey and airship But it's not like josh disappeared. I i have seen the man if you times. You know and yeah. We'll bump into each other on campus and definitely. I'm going to have to figure out what epilogues look like. But yeah there won't be these conversations anymore. That will be different. No they won't. But i'm happy for you. I'm sure everyone listening for you. Thanks yes i guess that does it. I guess it does so for the last time. I'll say goodbye to everyone and i hope you keep Well i know you'll keep enjoying the podcast. Shucks while sale gehenna sinus soccer right. Join us so innocent. Two weeks where. Greg will tell you a story. History that doesn't suck his created and hosted by greg jackson researching and writing by greg jackson sale. Salazar production by airship sound designed by derek. Baron theme music composed by greg. Jack's arrangement and additional composition by lindsey graham of airship for bibliography of all primary secondary sources consulted writing this episode visit hdd s podcast dot com. Https is supported by fans at casey on dot com forward slash. His doesn't and i are beyond grateful to you kind souls providing funding to help us going thank and a special thanks to our hatred whose monthly gift puts them at acer status. We'll call jason carstens john. Frugal dougal michael. And rachel wounds bob. Dracevic heath and downer drew hill. Andrew for janata rice can bernie dax jones john. Jeffrey news and bryan joy needs to be weeks. Where i'd like to tell you a story..

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