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Baseless accusations of fraud and election stealing. Mitch McConnell and other top Republicans are jumping on the president's bandwagon, refusing to accept the results of the election. Even his Biden's wind solidifies with the final vote counts. How the GOP moves forward from here. I'm tan Xena Vega, and that's next time on the takeaway weekday afternoons at three on 93.9 FM. W. N. Y. C is supported by Flatbush Food Co op now offering fresh local turkeys, organic produce and store made pies for your holiday table, open to the public, with delivery and curbside pickup available more at Flatbush food dot coop. It's w N Y. C. Stay tuned. There is Mohr of our monthly live call in special. Ask Governor Murphy just ahead at eight o'clock on 93.9 FM. It's the investigative Siri's reveal if you're listening on AM 20 tonight. At eight o'clock. It is on point mostly cloudy Tonight loaf about 61 degrees. It's w and my C at 7 20. You're listening to ask Governor Murphy a W B Geo news production in collaboration with W, N Y. C and W H Y got a question for the governor. Call us a date for 46779283. Or send us your questions on Twitter or Facebook. With the hashtag Ask of Murphy..

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