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Mad Helper Visit M A d d dot org Traffic every 15 minutes. Next report 11 03 on New Jersey one of 1.5. New Jersey What? At 1.5 instant weather. Partly cloudy, warm and humid tonight I thought her son, but some areas later, Diallo's the bid and upper sixties for tomorrow, mixture of clouds and hazy sunshine. Warm and sticky highs in the eighties and very warm and he but on Wednesday partly sunny eyes of debated Upper eighties. It could be a couple of thunderstorms late Wednesday and especially Wednesday night, and he thought the story could be heavy and gusty. This is beating urologist Bob Waterson. We got 74 degrees in egg Harbor City. 75 degrees in issue 76 degrees. He's Brunswick. Fast traffic instead, whether every 15 minutes and New Jersey 1 to 1.5 Steve Travel Leafs 1 800 to 831 on 1.5. We got bill in Middletown on their jersey 11.5 high bill. Hey, How are you doing here? Doing good. How are you doing there? Oh, not good right now. No power. No power. Blue man. Crazy Storm blew through here like 45 minutes ago, Right? And I took tops of trees off that. Wow. Believe the towers. I'm hearing story. I mean, hearing on this, uh, scanner that how trees are two houses around town? Uh, Pretty crazy stuff. I don't know. You know, you got the full extent of I was listening to use the figure. If you guys have more information, And then I realized, you know nothing. That's why I called in. We didn't know I'm glad you told us because we didn't.

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