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They would all come to her and say what should we do about this. What's the right way to handle that. Then she said it was time for me to go. I wanted to let these people grow in their responsibilities and so she said it was time to retire and then as she was retiring she was setting. I want to leave a legacy here. School meant so much to four generations of my family. Didn't want it to come on. Come apart and so. She started investigating. What are the critical things that the school faces challenges. Some of the parks that they were taking the kids to play in and gone on to do other things and they were renting out the for different facilities for a wedding reception or whatever they didn't want these little kids playing in the creek so they were constantly trying to find new places where the kids could go had a staffing problem. They had a financial problem. They had a physical facility problem And she said what we needed to do was just look at this as the critical things that this school to do to survive and thrive in. Continue to serve young preschoolers. And so she's been the person that's been kind of driving force to say. How do we make this into something. That will always be here. And she's committed this next stage of her life after having been a teacher there to now being the person who drives the sustainability of it. It's just great great story and the look in her eye when she's telling this story about her kids her grandkids and great grandkids was just something to behold and because the school requires the parent to monitor the child. They have to write something up so she now has Three generations of write ups of one of their kids that was in the school and she said when you go back to those and compare your kid your grandkid..

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