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Rob Brooks gets the holiday off. But I'm not off. I'm here. I hope you there and you're going to participate in the conversation tonight. We have lots to talk about I will tell you that we expect tonight to talk about the Andrew McCabe interview last night. On sixty minutes, we expect to talk a little bit about Saturday Night Live. I think really pretty disgraceful performance Saturday night. I I don't watch it anymore. I don't know. Maybe you do the latest developments in the just jussie smollet case story about Red Sox owners. John Henry, and Tom Werner will go to the White House. And I say hats off to them. They I know from what I've read are not fans of the president. But hats off to them. We will talk about ice detainees. And we've reached out. Of course, we're not going to hear from the group that is sponsoring or supporting this this hunger. Strike they should someone wrote to me tonight. They should eat 'em Ariz. Let the American soldiers are reading in the Middle East. And we'll talk about why certain members of congress get a lot of coverage and others don't. And if we get it all in if we get it all wheel even talk about Colin Kaepernick has to be the happiest X NFL quarterback in history making sixty to eighty million dollars. If you believe the reports, and then there's a satanic temple that wants to give an invocation at Boston city hall. So we got lots to talk about if you want to get on get on early six one seven two five four ten thirty triple eight nine two nine ten thirty. Well, I'm sure the last night many of you had a chance to watch the Scott Pelley. Interview. It's interesting. Pelly never pressed Andrew Andrew McCabe on why you would even consider the twenty fifth amendment. That was really I thought the most interesting aspect of the of the evening. So let's start off with a couple of soundbites just to get us going here. This is CBS Scott Pelley, interviewing Andrew, McCabe who causes pushing a book. I mean, they all worked for the government. Then they write a book. I think if the if you work for the government should not be able to you should be able to write a book, but no prophet all the profit goes back to the citizens who employed you for twenty odd years. So this is Scott Pelley interviewing Andrew McCabe last night on sixty minutes. Did you expect to be fired twenty six hours before you were able to collect your pension? I guess I should have because the president spoke about it publicly. He made it quite clear that he wanted me gone before I could retire. I believe I was fired because I opened a case against the president of the United States. This kind of an interesting perspective. Yeah. I actually that is his did you expect to be fire soundbite the sound bite that I wanted to play is the discussion of the twenty fifth amendment now for those of you who do not have a copy of your constitution. Let me if I can just read for you. It's fairly short amendment. Let me let me get it for you. It's actually not all that short to be honest with you says. It clarifies. It was passed in nineteen sixty seven in the wake of the assassination of John Kennedy, and it talks about you know, in the case of the removal of the president vice president becomes president. We know that whenever there is a vacancy in the office of vice president Lyndon Johnson never had a vice president well headed vice-president with Hubert Humphrey, the vice president between the time of the Kennedy assassination and his election in nineteen sixty four his election his own so that provided for the vacancy. Of a of the vice president. And of course, the first the first. Person to become vice president when the office was vacated was Gerald Ford. Eventually went on to become president and beyond that Nelson Rockefeller. They became Gerald Ford's. Vice president. So it talks whenever the president transmit to the president of the Senate, and the speaker of the house his written declaration these unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office at until he transmits the written declaration to the contrary. Such powers and duties Shelby. Discharged by the vice president as acting president. Now, I believe I believe that that was done by Ronald Reagan at least one point during his presidency. I seem to have recollection of he basically handed over the the the powers of the presidency of George George Herbert Walker Bush when President Reagan underwent some surgery, then we get to the area that is of most interest whenever the vice president of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as congress may law provide transmit to the president the Senate, and the speaker of the house written declaration, the president as an able to discharge the powers and duties of his office of vice president. Shell immediately assumed the powers and duties of thereafter when the president. I miss a line here. When the prep shell the media to transmit the powers and duties thereafter, when the president transmit to the president pro tem of the Senate speaker of the house his written declaration. No inability exists he resumed the powers and duties of his office unless the vice president and a majority of either the principal office officers of the executive cabinet members. Or other such body is congressman provide transmit within four days to the president. Pro tem speaker of the house the written declaration, the president is able to charge the powers and duties of the office. This is a situation where a president has a stroke or the president has a heart attack. And there is serious judgment or the president is brain dead. Now, some of the Donald Trump is brain dead already. I get that. But that's not what we're talking about. So for anyone to assume to assume that you can remove the president based upon. Some observations or his political statements just wrong. And of course, that is what this whole interview with McCabe was yesterday. My opinion. Is an admission of what I believe was the beginnings of a coup d'etat a bureaucratic coup d'etat and the effort was to take him out take President Trump out. He had every reason to fire James, call me, the Democrats thought that call me had interfered in the electoral process, and I think he may have the Democrats thought he interfered in the electoral process when he reopened the Hillary Email situation. So I have other soundbites here from this McCabe interview, which I'll play, but I want to hear from you. If you watched it if you read about it today if you heard about it today. Skied mccabe. This was a cabal of guys who had who had grown up to the ranks of the FBI. And somehow their view of the world did not square with the results of the election of two thousand sixteen and they took it upon themselves. At least they thought about it. Now, I don't know who's lying. Mckay. Mc McCabe is already been accused of being a liar Rosenstein, says caves lying again, I don't know whether Rosenstein is telling the truth, Rosenstein, telling the truth and McCain's tell you the truth, but they got to get their story straight. What? What a snake pit the FBI? When you wherever it even talked about Lisa page it Peter Struck the love birds. But this gives you a sense of what was going on. There was an effort to basically, basically take out the president of the United States. And again, if it could be done to one president it could be done to another president. And at that point, we will lose our country as simple as that. I know people are bitter over that election, but it's not worth sacrificing despoiling the constitution and sacrificing the rule of law under which were all supposed to live six one seven two five four ten thirty triple eight nine two nine ten thirty. Do you believe McCabe who very well? Well, he may face legal problems separate and apart for this from lying to his own FBI agents. Do you believe Rosenstein? I want them all gone at this point. That's my thought a love to hear from you. You know, the numbers. Join us on nightside coming right back. Nightside with.

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