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The nation sarah miller is our service aide jim maloney is at the editor's desk all news all the time is templeton wins you give us twenty two minutes we'll give you the world good morning thirty five degrees mostly cloudy at twelve o'clock on this wednesday march thirteenth i'm paul james here's what's happening physicist stephen hawking janet seventy six the special congressional election in pennsylvania is just too close to call their counting absentee ballots right now a mixed verdict for a former top aide to governor cuomo word rex tillerson found out that he was fired is secretary of state on twitter calling for partly cloudy overnight friskin cold with a low of thirty two in midtown i'm harris allen the jets miss out on kirk cousins but do sign a quarterback and lots more the giants running back the knicks next both boston ally you doubt and began tournament i'm jeff bellinger bloomberg economists expect to hear the retail sales rebounded last month the report will be out before the markets opened this morning wins news time twelve oh one from the ramp traffic center good morning jeff paul in a really slow ride on the southbound side the whitestone expressway rosewood avenue down to college point boulevard never the van start becomes a van with their left and sarah lanes blocked till five it's pretty backed up to and of course the long island expressway roadwork is back it's back in the eastbound delays from right before queens boulevard out to actually not going back to woodhaven woodhaven to one hundred eighth street where they have at least the left lane blocked and definitely at least a lane blocked on the bq e going eastbound up by cadman plaza really heavy ride back to the split right before it splits off the brooklyn battery tunnel here's what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels things pretty quiet we've got the elegant tunnel senator to close holland tunnel with one lane blocked the gw lower level outback close inbound there's a right lane closed on the lower and the big three on long island what we see is that they're pretty quiet la northern and southern all moving along pretty well traffic and transit every ten minutes on the one's and breaking traffic alerts whenever they happen i'm jeff jensen antenne repeating our top story a.

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