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Let's talk about somebody who is no longer on the pitch. Let's talk right can't And so roy can't has retired We got we have that answer now. Like definitely felt like a sendoff of sorts at the end of season. One and we had some questions about like Like after allegations he going to actually still be valuable to the team. Or at least i had that question you. I'm like no probably not and so now we get to see like what does roy can look like after. Afc richmond after his his time as a as a professional soccer player. And now he is. He's coaching babies team. Which is amazing. He and keely or not only still together but like really together and seem to be working really really well together. He's still seeing the yoga moms. He's watching reality. Tv he seeing jamie tar on love island which i wanna talk about it a bigger way a little while after we're done talking about roy specifically he's going to have this really big hearted speech to rebecca about like. Don't settle for fine like you deserve somebody who's gonna make you feel like you've been struck by lightning so there's a lot going on with roy emotionally in. They're still figuring out how to lake. Have him on the show and it feels like they've succeeded in that effort. But then there arwa these possible like career path questions right antonio like He's he's certainly welcome to come back He seems to not be wanting to come and watch richmond play. I'm sure it's very triggering for him. Does that wind him in You know a wind up at dr fieldstone office at some point in time does it get him into a coaching position he is. He's a coach. Now of sorts is certainly a question. That's on on the on the table and then there's also dislike sports caster possibility which seems more interesting to me Then maybe it would have without this ending by interesting..

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