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Saying comrades Marks we love you Not so. Much welcome in everyone the Jim Bohannon show tongue-in-cheek. Toward the great Putin you heard Andy McCarthy and the president saying that to, Sean Hannity tonight That Putin was very very very. Strong in denying the meddling and all that so who are you believing Or the president's own appointee national intelligence adviser coats Dan Coats not the deep state it's not. The Obama. People that were put in and you know there are those operatives trying to bring Trump down all true but these are some of his own, folks, and they're saying there's no doubt the Russians were. Trying to do this stuff Doesn't mean they were effective It certainly does it mean that that won the election for President Trump But it means that Putin is a pathologic beyond a pathological liar So why are we throwing into question The intelligence operation. Appointed by the president by and, large. Let's, go. To Don in Albany Oregon hey. Don. Welcome to. The Jim Bohannon show thanks good evening From what I gather from the news there are plenty. Of people on both sides of, the. Aisle, up. In arms over Trump's part of. That. Summit yes Yes. Definitely Don are? You. There, yes I'm here? Yeah All I've never been a supporter of. The Soviet. Union absolutely. Not I served this nation probably twice in. My life Okay Go. Ahead Well Also seems to be extremely rare that we Americans Reverend total lockstep All. True. I'm not but Don thank you, and thanks for. Your, service okay I. Don't know a point there but thank you yes Democrats. And Republicans some of, them are just anti, never-trumpers without a, doubt a lot of others even on Fox, News.

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