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Last week you Brunswick Dr Adrian Kerr had what he described as the worst day of his life Dr Edgar is the medical director of clinic five five four in Fredericton which offers among many other this is out of hospital abortions trouble is New Brunswick's provincial government doesn't fund out of hospital abortion so the clinic has been losing money so much money edgar was forced to put it up for sale now Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh have both pledged that if elected they're liberal and end EP governments would enter veen to help ensure clinic five four gets funded we reached Dr Adrian Edgar in Fredericton Doctor Edgar it seems that your clinic has hum an election issue in this federal campaign. What do you think of that I mean runs have been fighting for ferry clocks portion for decades so this is the first time prime minister is committed to fighting with some I think that's quite an achievement but he has pledged to intervene if reelected but we've also heard that the MVP will do the same thing Jagmeet Singh as made the same commitment to sat right exactly but now mr seeing points out that if mr yeah no really did care about providing support for your clinic he's had four years to do that is that the case I mean it is the case he's been the prime minister over four years but in that time Mr within cassettes a standard in the country we didn't have before before he was elected we weren't talking about abortion at all button and my and so I think he's opened up conversation I think he's encouraged everyone looking in the service what access to abortion do people in New Brunswick have at this point right now we have about twenty hospitals in Brunswick and there are two cities that provide abortion hospitals to Moncton bathurst is that right that's correct in the capital city in Fredericton and we don't have hospitals that provide abortions but if you can access abortion services elsewhere within Iran Zwick why is clinic five for so critical well clarify four is more than an abortion clinic it's family practice and it serves everyone you know we have a large number of transgender patients from what's the maritimes who depend on US patients with HIV addictions elderly patients in patients with chronic care needs like diabetes let's the clinic's closure would impact thousands of new brunswickers in a province already is under served and then particularly would impact people who are trying to access the services you provide the clinic are they covered in New Brunswick by by healthcare I mean exactly that's that's our point is that every single service at the clinic is paid for your Medicare accepting evolution washing is specifically targeted by government for for funding through Medicare so the province funds the other services off at your clinic and the but the problem is unfunded abortion services that is created this financial crisis for you so how often does it happened you pay for patients abortions out of your own pocket every week the people who can't travel to Moncton are people who are facing other barriers often financial barriers so that means they can't pay for a boss they can't take time off from work were they can't afford childcare go for a repeat visits one hundred fifty kilometers away so those are often the people who are coming to us for help and and you know the that happens every every week I mean this is an issue of timely access now it's an issues just human dignity we won't be able to provide abortions to patients as soon as possible close to home as possible so they can go home after you know feel other by their family we don't want them having two weeks and weeks on a wait list and then go to mm city without anyone that they know to talk to afterwards I think it's summer that's reasonable you say that you also provide these other services there people have their family doctors in your clinic so we well New Brunswick like other places there are it's a shortage of of family doctors and found and family clinics so what happens to how many patients somebody of your clients are going to be without without a a clinic with a doctor after you coast in right we've had just under three thousand patients visit to clarify forty four and I'm the family doctor so percentage of those people are just family practice and now I mean we've had at least half a dozen doctors family doctors have had to close the parents is in our region in the last year and the toll community is immeasurable we have a wait list in New Brunswick for tens of thousands of patients who don't have a family doctor and adding three thousand people later are is it possible at this point to prevent the closure of your clinic or is that sort of something you can't avoid point I mean no one hundred percent possible and that's what we're asking our premium to understand the regulation is just a regulation it can be repealed today right just just they can repeal not regulation prohibits the funding and then just sit down I mean this is how we get publicly funded healthcare we just decided that it's worth funding and we've had a petition in New Brunswick with nearly ten thousand people who signed it asking our government to fund the clinic The federal government received one with forty thousand people so I mean fifty thousand Canadians were willing to speak up for equal access to healthcare runs Lincoln it's possible in this is a very doable. What's victory would you like to see the next federal government do to help ensure that your doors stay open well the Kendall Health Act protects universal access to healthcare and we're simply asking are to respect that you know healthcare's human rights as a country we believe it shouldn't with an wis that's one of candidates greatest achievement and so we just want them to run government to show us they understand that and repeal regulations that restrict access and if if the federal government needs to intervene government can enforce that by you know if they think that the province isn't doing its duty to provide reasonable access by restricting some of the funds available for healthcare until they do so I mean I I don't think it's reasonable to ask a pregnant teenager to hitchhike one hundred fifty kilometers to talk to a doctor her options Edgar will leave it there but thank you thank you so much what a what a privilege thinking Adrienne Edgar is the medical director of clinic five five four in Fredericton which Justin Trudeau Jug me zing and Elizabeth may have all pledged to help protect if elected.

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