Robert Mugabe, Chamisa, Nelson Chamisa discussed on Weekend Edition Sunday


Win so why even try So when he comes into the headquarters of his opposition party is met with. A drove of journalists I used to, addressing rallies but never rally of journalists in. A country where Robert. Mugabe ruled until. He was ninety three years old Chamisa is stunningly young he's forty baby face. A slender man but he very quickly lets it be known. He's not dropping out he's not boycotting he is fighting the people. To defeat to defeat for what to defeat hopelessness and this is why we are giving. Them a fighting Johns I can't be returning history as it would be trade and deprive the people Chamisa is running for. President at a unique moment in Zimbabwe's history in November Robert Mugabe was forced from office by his once vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa and the. Civic and political. Space has opened up Zimbabweans have been able to. Express themselves in the opposition has been, able to campaign freely so this very much. Feels like the opportunity. Of a lifetime. To throw out the ruling party Chamisa leans on the podium he looks at. The cameras in declares he will not let this election slip. His hands if they re go chits they'll fix the news that. They must know there's no is a good promise it's brazen brave the kind of statement. That has made him a rockstar Nelson Chamisa wraps up the news conference, heads down the stairs were supporters have gathered spontaneously But how you came to the opposition is source of much hurt in.

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