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It'll be on the episode sentence, crunchy always using scrunchy. And then you said to you sad one and I was like, duh. Yeah. Pillowcase s- crunchies horse up against your, I sleep with sleep masks on because I can't have any light because I'm a pin says, and have the exact right parameters, and they make like those slip one and but they're silk, so I've had to finally fake ones because then you have a court up against the back of your head all night. Elastic cord this can't. Why can you just use like like those, like, really intense curtains? Or do you need it to be completely dark? It needs to be a fucking tone Thome of complete darkness and complete silence. And you know what that is my cross to bear amazingly obnoxious? I feel like I have gotten used to my boyfriend's bullshit us ways all night doing whatever he wants in clinging. Yeah. And I'm just like then just sleep through it, but I should make rule be like get the fuck out of the room, no TV in here because it does drive me crazy. I feel gives me headaches in the morning. I pack, a lot of this with you right now, as someone going through a divorce I could unpack a lot of this has come up in my therapy talking about because its boundaries. Yeah. And adapting to other people and I did a lot of that. And because I am such a sensitive sleeper. This was a constant issue in my marriage because same thing. Yeah. But you know what? I sleep. Oh now motherfucker the dog, and I can sleep. However, I want. Okay. So everybody out there. Don't bend Dona daft boundaries that you need for your own health and self care. That's my advice of somebody older. I need that. And someone going through a divorce that crosses through everything. But sleep is very important. If you're in, you don't have the same sleep hygiene.

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