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Randi Wang, who's going to be taking over at one o'clock with Dr Kelly Victory for the doctor? Our followed at two o'clock by Leo Terrell recent convert to conservatism. Randy. Do we have any more information on the man with perhaps the greatest name in all of human history, Carlos Antonio Borbon or day Borbon Montenegro. We don't have any updates as of today on Carlos Antonio de Bourbon Montenegro, the man who tried to put fake names on ballots so allegedly allegedly so he could run for mayor of Hawthorne, but didn't have enough them to even get on the ballot to be the mayor of Hawthorne, who also allegedly filled out 1000 fake voter registration applications all tied to a single P o box. Unfortunately, no updates about him today, but we do know he is charged with several several Accounts of voter fraud. He's America's greatest hero. Do you think? Well, he's he's sheltering in place in the county jail as I understand it right now. How are you handling the, uh, the the new restrictions from Governor hair style? Well here in Los Angeles, we are looming over another possible full blown lockdown. We'll be talking to Dr Kelly in just a few minutes about our fake doctor Barbara for rare the L. A County Health Directors press conference yesterday, where, she said, if the numbers keep going in this direction. Everyone's gotta stay home like it was march all over again. Yeah. I don't think I'm going to do that. I'm just like I do that. That's what I have to Why As it's a guideline. Well, there there lots of guidelines Now I will say I don't think I'm gonna do that. Now. All right? I just know you cancel your Thanksgiving plans because even the CDC would like you to do that. You know, these people are very, very telly. Randy Wang. I got a lot of people telling me what to do. And again. I am not some sort of. I don't believe in covert. Not. I've actually had co Vered It's not a pleasant experience, and for some people, it's very dangerous. There's some people in my life who could potentially be fatal. But on the other hand I don't particularly think that we all ought to cower in fear over a particularly aggressive cold. You just may So you're not going to be following the CDC guidelines and canceling any Thanksgiving plans? I I don't remember being asked to agree to that, and I don't think I did. Well, it's more of a recommendation that there's not really any enforcement tied to any of these orders I've got. I've got recommendations, but most of them can't be said in an FCC compliant environment. You know what I'm saying? I got some they can lock down, I guess is what I'm saying. The CDC would also like to make sure that you're not doing any singing this holiday season. That Look, Everybody agrees with that. I'm also not allowed to dance. You know my wife's Cuban, so she's actually good at it. And the last time I danced, somebody threw me on the ground, trying to stick a spoon in my mouth, so I don't swallow my own tongue. Actually happened. Wow. That's I'm not a good dancer, Randy. I'm not. We'll also be covering the fact that the L. A County Board of Supervisors is enacted a curfew in L. A county that starts on Friday, but they say, Don't call it a curfew. Well, does it tell you to be home between certain sets of ours? Yes, but it's not a curfew. That that's that's precisely what a curfew is that that is literally the definition of curfew. But people don't know what are we supposed to call it? People don't like the word curfew, so we're not going to call it a curfew. It's so in Oregon. People don't like the word lockdown, so they're calling that a social freeze. Social freeze. It's a happy me time. I'd like to. I'd like to have a happy me time for all of you just time where you can focus on yourself by yourself alone. You know, this is the time when creepy shut ins who have a bunch of cats and gobble hog and dos thistles when they really shine. That's most of our audience. That's.

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