New York City, Vandalism, Andreas Johnsson discussed on AP News Radio


An 8:00 PM curfew didn't stop thousands of demonstrators were marching through the streets of New York City but reports of vandalism and looting were down this was not the widespread free for all seen another guy still there was looting in Manhattan police say there were about 280 arrests mostly for disorderly conduct many stayed out past curfew peacefully protesting for the most part including Andreas Johnsson says police were roughing people grab innocent people for no reason and decided like call for them to the ground this tool was he's a journalist and a price does a press pass in a push into the ground it was also a police shooting which chief of department Terence Monahan says was unrelated to the protests involving a man with a gun in I said I have been critical of the chaos of the city and want to send in the National Guard Julie Walker in New York active duty troops sent to the Washington DC region to help if needed with civil unrest start starting to leave as protests turned violent this week roughly 1300 troops were sent to this area they haven't been use and senior defense officials tell the AP the troops are now beginning to pull out while president trump has talked about using the military to put down violent protests Pentagon chief mark esper said this morning conditions do not warrant to using active duty troops for law enforcement I do not support invoking the insurrection act which esper says should only happen as a last resort in the most dire situation Sager make ani Washington

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