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So come up with a special ward for you, you David Brunton, even growing flowers. Gardening gardening. You just kind of trying to pass the time while driving. Exactly, yeah. Commute founded, and it was like, oh, this sounds interesting. I need to learn more about this. And so I learned about ASEF g through this podcast. Learn about the field vase dinners. I mean. The whole thing. Wow. So, but how many people who have an we didn't really explain completely. You said you had a day job, you working kind like corporate, finance or something. Right. I work in the financial services industry, nine five nine to five non all corporate jobs. Terrible. I have a great gig that I don't wanna leave. So even when I decided to jump in with growing cut flowers, the whole slow flowers. I knew I was never gonna give up this corporate job. But I did jumping head first. And I devoted a let's evenings weekends to make it happen. Right. Right. Wow. So I we asked you about that when we were having drinks about how many what your summers are like and your season at Queen city flower firm, and because you're in Cincinnati. I mean what is that zone? So we're zone zone. Six. Okay. Basically season runs early may through October. We. We get our killing frosty October. And obviously I was a field grower. I didn't have a greenhouse. I wasn't right in, you know, high tunnels or anything you starting stuff in your house at home like I did. Yes garage. Yeah. Because you said you started in April does wondering what were your first crops that your sewing cool. Annuals Orlando snap dragons or laya just. Yeah. All those early. They would've been annuals that first year, you know, zinnias sunflowers just the basic annual that we all grow. Did you feel like you kind of always say I failed on the rabbit hole? I feel like you definitely felt on the ramp time. Could be other things like I asked you had to give up your book to. No, no, you're not again a few other things. For what do you think? That is what in your DNA just really to wanting to grow flowers other than just being like a person like the garden. Well, I think the guardian had a lot to do with it. I think you know, that point in my life..

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