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Blazer show. All right. Thanks again. To Harry Carey from beyond. Check in with us a little bit ago. What do we got? The whole stack of stuff we're going to get to. I love this man this. There's just a lot of jokes with this story. And I can't really say any of them not on this show. But a thief shoved a foot long sub down his pants. And it says here provides local police with endless jokes. And what happened was I guess this happened out a Polk County for only in Florida are they searching for a suspect accused of grabbing a foot long sandwich from gas station convenience store, and then shoving it down his pants and then biking away which begs the question. How do you ride a bike with a foot long sub down the front of your pants? How do you even how do you turn your leg? Like just God. And how does that thing going to smell and taste? It's fallen apart. It's getting smushed. You don't wanna eat that hells. No. That's with an S not just regular hell, but hells. No anyway. They're are looking for this guy. How did he get away? And how do you admit it? If you're a cop that you let this guy get away. And so anyway, he's biking away. He concealed the sandwich in his pants before walking to the register. And then what he did was he purchased a soda, and then they made a special point of of noting that the thief put the sandwich down the front of his pants, not the back because Hello If you're stealing a foot, long sub down your pants. It goes down the front not the.

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