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Who are in the dark this morning due to the storms. Urging residents to be careful driving on the roads into steer clear of downed power lines. Dallas City Council will hold an emergency meeting tonight on what's become a controversy related to creating registration hubs for the cove in 19 vaccine, Mayor Eric Johnson tells w FAA TVs inside Texas POLITICS that council members up for re election should not be the decision makers for the location of the hubs. They want to have things determine based on their relationship with the city manager of the relationship with city government, So they want Have resource is directed to their district without any regard to where they actually should be deployed. Meanwhile, after record setting number of covert 19 deaths over consecutive number of days last week, the taxes Health Department has reported a decrease after three consecutive days of more than 1200 new deaths in the Lone Star State. There were 407 additional deaths reported on Saturday. Data from Johns Hopkins University shows the seven day rolling average of deaths in Texas from 261 per day that 326 again That is the average, according to The Associated Press. The state Health Department reported more than 11,000 new or probable cases on Sunday for a total of 1.96 million cases since the pandemic began. Nicole Deal W B A P News now a check on taxes business sponsored by the Law Office of nickname If here, Spencer McGowan. From network radio. The short squeeze of the decade accelerates this morning game state Grapevine based game stop up this morning 60% After rising 50% on Friday. What gives short sellers? The stock hit three bucks. Now it's 104. Less than a year later, the Dow down 125 points poised to open the day. About 30,800, West Texas intermediate crude 52 14 per barrel. I'm Spencer McCowen President.

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