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Back and he gave them back you probably wouldn't have been any kind of real consequence to president trump either it's the fact that he refused to give them back all back and that he seemed to be conspiring to keep them and mislead the authorities that's him gotten in trouble here all right peter this continues to develop we'll keep watching it we thank you for the insight new york times chief white house correspondent peter baker and let's get to traffic now with wtop's bob imler in traffic center well easy come easy go the crash northbound on 29 route 40 is gone delays are clearing out but in frederick county the crash is southbound 15 in mountville road but it's so northbound they may be alternating traffic there and also in virginia on westbound waxpool road at pacific boulevard there is a crash along the left side slow from 28 yet getting to it otherwise it's volume delays around the beltway in both montgomery prince georges counties on the virginia side as well no incidents along the way but it is friday plenty of volume for that but not doing too badly on 95 not as bad as some fridays traveling south of virginia heaviest at the akaquan and then from garrisonville through staford northbound from dale city into woodbridge and again up through newington and in maryland beltway is very slow on on the outlook coming off the 270 spur getting into virginia meanwhile on 95 baltimore washington parkway each pretty in good shame scene with 270 and nothing really in your way getting to the bay bridge on 50 east current or retired federal employee get the most out of your federal benefits join narf the organization that supports you learn more at r f e dot org bob inler w t l p traffic seven news first alert meteorologist jordan evans joins us now and jordan i know there is a little bit of rain out there is that helping push some of the smoke out of the way it is temporarily it's helping also with

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