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Expressed week feelings about her choice. I, vote for the party not attended said Lisa a lifelong Republican staunchly against abortion everyone else appeared fiercely decided. Given. Not just over half were planning to vote democratic. They see more than ever several said this gave rise to awkward scenes. I'm sorry I'm sure you're a nice person but I'm ninety two years old I voted for Republicans and Democrats, and I cannot understand how you can like him a man on Hickory Lane told Mrs Free He then launched a fact filled disarray Shin of Mr. Trump's record before ending fighting back tears on a personal note my father came from Italy trump hates migrants my five dead brothers fought for this country. The son of a bitch calls them suckers. When Mrs Fray Visiting Shaken said this was untrue the man quoted the president slander of John McCain Mrs Fray counted with a fake news story that the late Republican senator killed scores of sailors a fire God. Bless you said the old man. It multiplies said Mrs Fray enigmatically as she walked away though she knocked on at Three Thousand Dollars Twenty sixteen she did not seem used to such pushback. Modern campaigns aimed canvases almost exclusively at likely voters for their own side. She had kindly decided to knock on every door mainly as a favourite Lexington. was also apparent from her assertions which tended to be untrue that Mrs Fray inhabited a deep realm of the trump bubble. Considering much of Fox News too liberal. She got her news from the far right one America News Network, and Epoch Times A pro-trump newspaper produced by the Fallen Gong sect that has spread the Anti Semitic Cunanan conspiracy. When she encountered a like minded voter, her relief was palpable on their doorsteps. She referred to Joe Biden as a communist and any self professed Christians who voted Democratic as Satan worshippers. Lee Druckman political scientist attributes the mutual loathing of America's political tribes to three things cultural sorting, including media bubbles, the slim margins of national elections, which makes them seem existential to both sides and the nationalization of politics which has bulldozed local concerns that once girded communities. All all evident in eastern though it's much provoked voters live cheek by jowl. What lessons does that? One is that politics exaggerates reality while several voters expressed unease about their neighbors allegiances, your columnists nothing to suggest a community anything like as divided as the political views its members expressed on a sunny Saturday morning trumpers and anti-trumps mowed lawns and walk dogs together. Outside. Elections most of them probably give politics little fort given the state of things that is consoling. Yet this election will prove harder to recover from because Republicans taking their cues from the president already trying to invalidate it. Almost misses phrase first words to your columnist were trying to win without stuffing ballots with the Republican Party. She repeatedly assured voters that mail in voting was fraudulent. This promises a new order of conflict for a society whose forbearance cannot be counted on indefinitely. Thanks for listening editor's picks. For. More from US subscribe at economists, Dot. com slash podcast offer. I'm Rosie blow and in London this is the economist..

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