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Waiting for your best friend to finish having some that couch Justin felt like the loneliest place on earth as it turned out crystal so Howard scar and they spend most of their time together talking about what it was like to have had cancer crystal I lost a brother to leukemia several years earlier she told Howard that when her and her brother were kids they poke toothpicks into bubble gum which they ate like our nerves she told power that you Mister brother very much on the walk back to the subway I lag behind Howard just watching him eventually we asked our how it was with crystal and he said that it was different than you thought it would be and Jose told me was being too emotional what I haven't taken into account was at before you lose something in this case the albatross of one's virginity you have to first find something to enable that loss at eighteen sort of by accident I found a leak her name in a little wave and when we kissed it was like a little wave of blood was sweeping through my chest we kissed long and hard our eyes wide open Leeds face was always sad I told her she had a friend that lit up a room believe would be the first person I never sleep with yet losing my virginity with her even just after it happened was something I can never remember I can still recall what her breasts small like after she had eaten chocolate how should almost cried when she saw little boys with big glasses I remember a thousand other small things to get our first time together this thing that I'd waited forever to happen to lose their virginity I'd waited forever to lose was completely and utterly lost to me I'm not sure I understand why this is maybe when you're coming towards it looks so big in all eclipsing it looks like the finish line you imagine champagne well wishers certificates of merit then you reach it and pass it and you understand it's only the entry point to a lot of other worries worries that proved to be much more measurable and complicated my fear of losing my virginity was nothing compared to my fear of losing the lead I can never fathom how she could Love Me and so I tested her love all the time let's see I smashed your car I said then I kill you she said do you still Love Me I guess so she said before I make believe I called myself a virgin it was very clear and definite virgin now there is no name for what I am but I'm sort of partial to leroy thanks the.

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