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Yes so that's a very good question um so she american bring foundation describes concussion as a our insult to the brain all through are headed jury all which results in some new logical dysfunction white give the loss of consciousness are some degree of philosophy solve men marie art some degree of five confusion immediately after the coup cash and there's no definition necessarily on the mechanism right it just a amine and i asked that because i can think back in instances in my own life where i have felt allotted the symptoms that you mentioned from the post can customs syndrome but it wasn't from hitting my head on something that was solider rigid it was actually from an explosive waves and i think being a little bit too close so there's it doesn't necessarily matter the mechanism by which the brain is damaged is just the damage to the brain itself a w accurate to sir yes uh so we learned a lot about concussions over several years particularly the data coming from the restaurants where there has been exposed to boston gery's last week and i'll be believed that that by itself can cause saw why traumatic brain injury abu odd what on this solve when i was at the veteran's hospital at break poorest we did a major study looking of that are specifically the blast remained juries in veterans what did you guys five in the study i'm just curious because i have a my going to say have a lot of exposure to it but i definitely have repeated exposure to blast wave over nearly twenty years yes so i think the blast waves saw dose cost some distortion in the neurological function.

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