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Inside. Good. Donald everything goes good man kids. I mean. Yeah. That was the that was one of the pieces of media news, though. Some of the Clemson players were disappointed. Yeah. But even if that's the okay, I can understand if you wanted a big steak. Yeah. You got a burger instead began. I don't think there's too much complaining guy like a whole bunch of them. There was some fake quote, by the way about him talking about coastal elites and putting words in our mouths and all that that was not true. Trevor Lawrence actually tweeted about it said, I never said this, by the way, I don't know where it came from. However, the trip to the White House was awesome. Good good for him. Yeah. I saw the whole stat forty eight big Macs. Forty to play of fish fifty four quarter pounders forty eight six piece notice I could keep going on. But they didn't get the picture of the pizzas. And all that. And then another piece of audio. We gotta play it's already time for politicians to start jockeying their way into letting you know, they plan to run for president. Oh, yeah. This from the democratic side. Yes. Campbell Harris Harris did something for the late show with Stephen Colbert because everybody is a shouting from the rooftops. I'm relatable, that's basically it that's one of the common people like Elizabeth Warren a couple of weeks ago saying I'm gonna get me a beer. Okay. Like, you say that all the time, right? Right. Oh, I tell how everybody tried to twist that into saying that it was sexist as well. Well, what does she not supposed to have is? You're not allowed to have that beer. Everybody's saying she's not allowed to have that beer. No. It's that she comes across as stiff and wooden. Kevin harris. Meanwhile, she makes Hillary look relatable. Yes. Talking about her favorite music. Okay. You gotta check certain boxes here. Both. Of course and hip hop is where it's got to be go.

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