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On down Rory Rogers restaurant by to try that new gun on my burger. It's a juicy burger with jalapeno poppers. Poli ranks us project cheese and bacon and a hell of a hand. Will you come down and have a boy died of my burger at Roy Rogers restaurants. One dynamite burger Gord Ash is available at participating restaurants in these uncertain times. One thing is for certain crop. Metcalfe is here to safely serve the comfort needs of our area to make sure you're comfortable. All summer long. They're offering six months of no payments on qualifying service calls and air conditioning as low as $89 per month. Learn more about these offers and their safety precautions at crop metcalf dot com slash health or call 1 800 go crop. That is one with Metcalf, home of the five star technician. If you think educational support should actually be available when you need it, And if you think online class work should actually be designed for online learning. Enter Strayer, built for online are innovative tools give you personalized attention from our leading professors, and we even have a virtual assistant standing by 24 7 So you can stay focused on learning and achieving your career goals. Visit us at strayer dot edu tto Learn more Strayer University out with the old school Strayer University certified to operate by chef Have you heard about Taco Bell's feed The Beat program. It's their music programme, and they've supported over.

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