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I don't care to goal under restraints that has always been open house to me i don't want somebody that didn't bill one wall around there to tell me you gotta stand over here right no you gotta stand over there i walk in after two three years and not saying princeton just walk around and nobody ever kicked me out i heard there's elements of of banning people from it and all that stuff i don't want to be part of that so when they fix that and they can promise me that it's going to be a place that us and meaning bobby's e everybody and wendy and lisa apple neha mark brown can walk up in there without being regulated come on then i'll be okay semi miam bite yeah matter of fact i'd like to go in there with a bunch of people in toured rowett rome count me in i really would so i want to know what was your favorite song it could be the time the family or prince that you love performing on stage that you liked being there when it was being performed with prince wow prince play nonstop so it was one big song there's no particular song that's my favorite you know when i'm involved in it is go and i'm just i'm outside my body i'm a fan watching myself i got the best seat in the house yeah you're probably what there's this term called the flow state.

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