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And in India, I don't know I when I think of India and science, I think of all those Nobel prize winners, I think of of Hague's Bosa and particles, I think of all those people who have contributed so much to science. I don't think about the political leaders who maybe subscribe to slightly different reality like can do nationalism. Dibble lot of political leaders in Indio, let me percentage wise, it's waving. They've so many people so this year at the one hundred six Indian science congress, which you know, it would be pretty pretty big deal which was inaugurated by prime minister Narendra Modi. There was a bunch of scientists, quote, unquote, scientists who decided that we're going to let people know about some of this fringe stuff, such as there is an old isn't do text that proved the stem cell research was discovered in India thousands of years ago. Tim and king Rama Yanna had twenty four types of aircraft and a network of landing strips now, Sri Lanka. Transplant case. Okay. Okay. Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein were Brown about gravitational waves, and it should be renamed. The no Renta Mody waves. That's just sucking up to the boss. Do the prime minister tried to name Einstein's theories after himself at a science convention. Scientists a lot more politics. And I think that people realize one person says Newton failed to understand gravitational repulsive forces and Stein's year unquote, misleading invented calculus. He knows nothing. So the Indian scientific congress association came back out said we don't subscribe to any of these beliefs. These people are crazy. Is are not our thoughts in a payment much set. Everything up to have your money back, which is what they should have embarrassing. If you're a collection of geniuses, and then somebody comes in the room and has like flatter theory. Man, exactly daring get out to you. Do not qualify who invited that. The point minister plano. Well, this is this is part of a global trend towards religiously motivated, nationalist movements taking power and trying to influence every aspect of light. And that's exactly yeah. This shitty. Part about being open minded is you have to like crappy people have conversations, you know, in this always beneficial. India has Hindu nationalists. That are in power. We have fucking Mike Pence running everything baggers and all those other groups and like their loose-knit organization. So we're so used to it just blew me away because I'm not used to seeing it, right? So. Yeah. So go India. Well, yeah. Just a little bit. They're the world's largest democracy. There's a people who live there they problems. I mean, we have like what like forty percent of the population. They do. Oh, it's closer to they have four times the popularly of times. That's right. Yeah. Yes. Is there a one point two? We're at about three hundred so yeah, they. But I because of just the way the news is construct. You don't hear a lot of India news over here? But that is I've been going out on my way to try and get more international news. And this was cut up. And it was a doozy. The anti-intellectualism is out there. But these people they really think that they are purveying secret truths. Like, they're really like surprised that the rest of the world. And you know, when you if you I'm fascinated by the woo suppliers. You know when all brands like, you know, I've mentioned that'll be I mean. Yeah. Sherman's book, why people believe weird things I mentioned a few times this this in this podcast. But he has that chapter. Why smart people believe weird things? And it's because smart people are better at defending incorrect assumptions that they build upon. So if you're smart, you're more endanger of arguing poor position. Which is why I never tried to argue with kids from from a debate. Because even if there are so completely wrong. They could out logic and outreach in me. No. Yeah. Which is why you don't use logic and reason all the time remember without the emotion centers of the brain. You're not you're not capable of making decisions. So everybody's decisions are emotionally tainted..

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