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Have to talk about this. I'm going to make a wisdom. Save at a DC twenty. Okay if you clear that more fog will clear which will be the equivalent of her losing. Hp Okay you're basically damaging D DRAGON. But not her got it. Okay okay so I get a plus seven to this role rate command. Gosh Dang it fucking twenty-five okay. What's your normal damage role? It's usually at six. Okay yeah you know what role sixes sweets and then you want me to. Just add like my attack. Yeah okay. That's a ten total great. You are in close onto crews head. You're speaking to the heart of this dragon monster now and you kind of start to see like strands of the Silky mist. Like falling off almost like hair and it seems to be weakening a little bit and you see the grasp that grumble Oh has on to crew is like the loosening nice so to crew. Listen I lost my father when I was a boy of forty five. I know what it's like old. I know what it's like. You're so bad at tr- INSTAGRAM JEN's teenagers don't like old people just maybe lie and say I'm GonNa live to be hundreds of years old God. Who WOULD WANT TO BE THAT GENERATION? Z. Cam trying to save her life. You Stupid Team. You look cool. I know a kid that likes skateboards all the time and never wear shirts and you look like you get. Does he have this many awesome tattoos? I turn around while looking at one. It's a little butterfly and this a big butterfly over here. This one's a medium sized butterfly butterflies..

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