Nepad, Farc, Japan discussed on The Fighter & The Kid - TFATK Episode 267: Will Sasso


But i want the spikes no i want you guys in matching like killer bs outfits b brian lehrer jove around that cmr punk used to be a professional wrestler and that's what i want you guys can't move around just they just know it's just a single you know it's just load the short man striped with the killer bs just like bees like black and yellow and then you know some cute nepad's and then league's maybe at the back their wings if you want whatever some b wings yeah yeah just for the entrance rare and then and then you guys getting ring and that's the only way i'll fight simple all right okay fighting the the the room all right to be rigged the big huge sloping shaved albino samoan polar bear okay now let me ask you something give a sheet how much boxing uri how did you do some boxing are cool he will does he didn't when you're because you've been worked in a ton unset disease one case so they wanna talk about fighting a factor would you ever the me never no no no i'm a i'm a nice sir gentle person i'm a little but you i do or people i am no no known i have a quiet i would cuffs he about the years no nobody cuffs me about the ears that question asana question at you've and leaders near vac your head dream of smash kcna apologize onto that'll that never happened early japan deaths around ranya know your face no lightningfast abb's lightning fast jabs yeah let's get in the parking lot after the halas well bring the from came out with farc in let's critical eye without reflects looks good on the roof where it's nice hue i do mile take my effort of outside and inside of your fuck knees while i want you have a look at my knees those are big knees at her my for that my hurt besides that bull heart for a cat giant biggs captive ever seen right it's a i mean europe professional fighter only he kicked us knees i yeah you could see like we're we're guys well i've ever think about that i don't give well yeah and and also your who else to the the the people onset are always very very kind i i just in a very kind.

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