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All of that to say yes you dump everything you can in those in your college savings plan your college investing plan you're still not quite gonna make it no big deal you're gonna make it if you do those other things that we talked about there and that's what we're doing and just guide them and just say this is what we're doing kids this is what we're doing i mean we had the money folks and one of mine decided that they were going to leave the family meaning they applied for a school other than the university of tennessee which will get you thrown out of the family and it was a all things across the state line and of all things another competing sec school totally unacceptable unbelievable all joking aside though basically you know university kentucky university of georgia university of alabama university of florida university of tennessee the education is very similar that you get okay you might particular college they might have a specialization one over the other but you're going to get out of there with a good education you're going to get out of there and so to go across the state line and in those days you know this was ten years ago pay fourteen thousand dollars more per year to get basically the same education just because you went to out of state tuition this is what's known as stupid and so i asked my stupid child i said stupid child why would you wanna pay fourteen thousand dollars more for the same thing what do you mean why would i wanna pay or you're gonna have to pay for it you think i'm gonna pay for it number one you're going to the wrong school number two you're dumb enough to pay out of state tuition for basically the same education and so you're too dumb for me to participate in your education apparently didn't sound exactly like that but it's pretty close.

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