Prosecutor, Ukraine, Adam Schiff discussed on Sean Hannity


Millions and millions of dollars don't think logically about it I can't think of why a company whatever pay somebody with no background in oil gas energy or Ukraine none why did they pay him millions and millions of dollars the answer is obvious we all know the answer why did Joe say you're not getting the billion unless you're fired the prosecutor up you fire em all give you the billing at six our son of a baby they fired him why because this song is being investigated so he's leveraging quid pro quo in the country Ukraine a fire the prosecutor Adam Schiff is new evidence says oh no no the prosecutor was corrupt or Joe Biden hunter Biden did nothing wrong that's not true do you believe in due process do you believe in equal justice and equal application of our laws because if you do art you've got to be willing to look at all the issues involving this Hey you got Senate Democrats along with house Democrats they're scared to death that hunter Biden who at all the time in the world to to prepare for his interview the worst interview I've ever seen on GMA over what they pay you have an experience no no room what do you think they gave it to you I don't know maybe because your father is the vice president in charge you crying probably some well for me is it we'll get to all of this Hey listen what a remind you protecting your good name your reputation your finances in this world every two seconds somebody's identity is stolen that's where a LifeLock dot com comes in now were you know you see these data breaches are everywhere I mean they're getting into city state government security systems computer systems hospitals hotels universities websites apps see that social media tech companies banking credit giants they're everywhere and you know what you got to protect your good name your reputation your finances and that's what they do at LifeLock dot com they see the threat should miss on your own and if you have an identity theft problem they have a.

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