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Vladimir Putin's press secretary in several Russian oligarchs Stay with WTO for more on these developing stories in the minutes ahead 1248 on your Friday morning welcome in Ground thinking whether all the 8s to rich on her in the WTO feed traffic center All right traveling in the district looks like it's getting better on I two 95 north on approaching the interchange for suitland park went south capital street exit four looks like you are getting by the overhead sign installation again single file to write the dev traffic stop for an extended period unclear how many more times they'll do that to just give yourself some extra time if you're going to commit to that stretch of I two 95 I two 95 south not affected D.C. two 95 was also running while in both directions over in southwest near the waterfront fourth street southwest closed between eye street and M street that has a result of overnight utility work D.C. water on scene and in northwest Washington beach drive closed between rock creek Parkland Porter street for our work zone where they're doing work on a pedestrian bridge there And as a result the road's going to stay closed until about 5 p.m. today as a result of that work to just be aware you can not continue through on beach drive in rock creek park for the moment Now if you're traveling on the bellway Maryland's from Montgomery and prince George's county stolen good shape If you're traveling on the Virginia ball way still working on the adult headed south route 7 toward I 66 two left lanes get you bother work so keep in mind and ramp to go west on 66 is open On the inner loop approaching 66 the ramps to go east and west on 66 are closed the through lines are open posted detour will take you up to route 7 as a result Live the good light are live the gold life with the new $250,000 gold rush scratch offs and $2 million gold rush scratch offs from the Marilyn lottery Please play responsibly Rich hunter W chip traffic Temperatures on the down trend as we make our way through the day on our Friday First off a very cold start and then a chilly afternoon highs in the mid 40s going 47 in the city but rebounding nicely on Saturday after a chilly.

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