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Wanted to get a book deal and he said there's no way you could get a six figure book deal if you want it right you know if you're trying to get a book deal so fast right now you need to have at least one hundred thousand email subscribers you know and so then like now i have some direction on what i need to do is like okay i need to ten x my my emails scrubbers and then new validate that that answer you know you you ask other people if that's true you get good information and then you figure out the best strategies to actually get there and so that's what i did over the next year after that conversation in that was in two thousand beginning of two thousand sixteen so from two the whole year of two thousand sixteen was basically going from ten thousand two hundred thousand email subscribers hiring ryan holiday to help me write a book proposal and then selling my book which i did in january of two thousand seventeen for two hundred and twenty five twenty five thousand dollars so i mean it's just kind of figuring out where you wanna go and then getting the best advice on how to get there so you don't make stupid mistakes and then obviously there's high air levels to this you know being mentored by the right people in learning how to actually collaborate with your mentors so you can begin collaborating with people who are ten fifteen twenty years down the road as you are so that you can get results a lot faster and obviously you do that but being a giver being a contributor being transformational not transactional i mean there's all sorts of ways you know that you can do this but yeah i mean it's it's knowing where you wanna go getting the right mentors and then quickly seeding your mentors it goes along with that quote you know in the teacher when the student is ready the teacher appears when the student is truly ready the teacher disappears i love that i love that you you add it onto a comment that i only that it to a saying that i always make about the the student and the teacher well it's actually not my dishes that's the true quote i believe it i just never i never followed through to to find out what the rest of the quote was so tell me about the importance of of numbers meaning the size of your community versus the engagement of your community some people you know obviously we are in a social media era right now everybody is so attached to numbers numbers numbers and analytics and i have never preached the the the importance of having big numbers but instead the importance of having great relationships can you just maybe dispend a couple of minutes talking about your philosophy i don't know if it's in line with mine or if you if you like the numbers idea just because you know a power in numbers and it can overcome obstacles i would say given my experience probably both like if i only had ten email subscri robers when i went to get my book deal even if all ten thousand of them were like engaged on every email in every post like that data would not be strong enough i mean it would be strong but it'd be compelling but it would be worrisome to a publisher so so there's a couple of dif it depends on your goal like if you're trying to seek an outside entity big flashy numbers are sexy a even if it comes with affiliates or or whatever i mean they're vanity metrics but also they they help their sellable they're good evidence but you know at the same time you know you could have a huge email list or a huge quote unquote audience in no one's really listening and you know truth be told when my book.

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