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Unedic component hotel call ism or is that just a fantasy there absolute just like how a different glass of wine or a different food would affect two people differently you know each of our brains has different levels of certain neurotransmitters and so there's so many different genetic aspects but this studies have shown that there's no one single gene that says yes you're going to be addicted to something or no you're not an equally the studies have shown that no matter if you have all the markers for addiction you're not going to be addicted on your first set so it's not like somebody's born an alcoholic and then they suddenly have a sip of alcohol and boom you know rockbottom no it happens because they drink over time and there's a massively addictive component to the alcohol itself and alcohol an all addictive substances what happens is they over stimulate the pleasure centres of our brain so we have this massive increase in stimulation for the nucleus accumbens and other parts of our brain with l that's cratelike for the cool thing leak who can just drink something and we overstimulated our pleasure centres the the flip side of that is that by over stimulating the pleasure center the brain says wait a second i need to maintain a hold me a stasis i need to be imbalance so it actually releases counter chemicals one of those is called dine orphan that brings down your pleasure antinorth and takes a lot longer to leave the body than the alcohol does so over time through drinking this huge increase means that you're constantly releasing dino orphan into your brain and so things that used to really register on your pleasure center like reading a book or you know good meal are having sex they no longer register without the alcohol because they need that artificial stimulation to break through the levels of day norfolk and i know that's kind of complicated but it just goes to show it's the substance this really addictive and we'll certainly there are two netted components absolutely everything now what he's been able to zero in on okay this is a gene let's test for it and then you never.

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