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New lead in the unsolved murders of thirteen year old abby williams and fourteen year old libby german. Those two eighth grade girls last seen snap chatting on a hiking trail in delphi indiana in two thousand seventeen but despite this video and audio of the suspect taken from libby cellphone just four years ago to teenage girls. Were murdered in delphi indiana. The case is horrifying but the evidence collected by one of the very brave young victims. Makes it really intriguing. Frustrating and also. Perhaps solvable today. I'm going to be talking about the murder of abby williams and libby german also known as the delphi murderers thirteen year old abigail j abby williams and fourteen year old. Liberty rose lynn libby. German were best friends and pretty typical like good kid type teenagers. They both loved sports their friends their family. Libya was part of the swim team. Wasn't tent on helping people. She wanted to go to college. Get married and studied to be a physician. Abby on the other hand wasn't sure what she wanted preferred exploring and wandering around delphi again just being like a normal young teenager. Late middle schooler. It was one thirty five pm on monday february thirteenth twenty seventeen that libyan abbey were dropped off by luby's older sister kelsey on country road three hundred north. The girls didn't have school that day and it was really nice afternoon again in indiana. That doesn't happen very often. So they decided to take a hike on the historic deer creek trails. East of delphi at two o. Seven pm libby. Posted a photo of abbey walking on the moon high bridge over deer creek was the last anyone would hear from either of them and the photo itself to you can find it online. It's really sweet and it's just it's so innocent. It's like two girls exploring the woods. Which is something. I did as a child. I'm sure a lot of people did to around noon about half a mile from the high bridge where libya had photographed abby afternoon before. They reported missing at five thirty pm that day after they didn't show up to meet libya's grandfather mike at three fifteen pm as planned. The families initially just went to the trails and searched. Then they call the police. The search for the missing girls formerly started then with local authorities that night the search was called off because of darkness but it resumed at daybreak on february fourteenth. Two thousand seventeen with hundreds of community volunteers including libyan abbey's classmates and friends. Joining police and firefighters in the search around noon about half a mile from the high bridge or libby had photographed abby the afternoon before one of the searchers found libyan abbey's bodies found according to law enforcement officers where they were killed of course the community especially the middle school students. Were incredibly upset. Really broken this was. I want to state. This delphi was a small town. This didn't happen there. People knew each other very well and everyone trusted each other. It was one of those towns. The middle school hired grief counselors security. The delphi church held a vigil that night. And i i may have said delfi earlier. I believe it's delphi. I'm gonna go with that nine days. After the discovery of the murdered girls police revealed a still of the video and also audio that libby again really heroically captured on her mobile phone which was found on her body. Police believed libby recognized that they were in danger when a man approached them and turned on her phones video camera..

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