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I thought it was just to sort of jam. Yeah. Remember somebody code when they first heard I have this great. Okay. Yeah, but that could have been the times changing to that. You know, maybe this sort of elaborate pop thing, which you know changing into something a little harder and just, you know, maybe people were kind of getting a little. Less able to process pop and just like get back, that's guy. Got it. That's good. Perfect. Nailed it. Well, but I'm doing the wrong when I when I did that we released, it came on did. Okay. And then it was doing this little thing of dropping back down the jobs, and I feel well probably got a coal from Alcoa of capital who is like real red hot promotion guy. Yeah, and he'd got my numbers. Paul, I gotta say you gonna let me work this Recco. Are saying, well, what do you mean? Say his tone is no, no, no way. He said you've got singles on there. You haven't released to going to go back up. I'm going to take you back up to number one. And I said, well, talk to me. And he said jet, you haven't got that. And so he, he named that I spotted the about on the run itself. Got to do. Yeah. So sometimes you take all the people to to tell you what's good was let me roll it on that too man, but like that kind of that record industry doesn't. It's very exciting that we're here at capital. You've been there so long. I where could on capitol in a long time right now, but that record industry that guy making that call that still exist today. I think it tells you we had a be seeing when playing the guy who's this Egypt station. He's stationed there and. Was one of the guys. He always going to point to him. He's, he's the guy, though they still, you're still got them. He's to got to capital. What is this story about the ban on the run? Where'd you record that Legos Nigeria? What was why? Okay. I don't remember, but at the time it was kind of fashionable for people not to record in the normal studios. So people were going places to go stones who was tax reasons, but they were in the south of France. Right? But it was tax. What's wrong with that? Yeah. So you people were in different locations. You could want to Nashville could've. I did, yeah, from one of them, but I just wanted to sort of get out of there and just to, I asked my yeah, where they had studios. I knew they had law round the world on this great ballista arrives. So I'm getting the choice of China. Real. Legos. That was the one got to do you. African music could be great. It was great, but they hadn't finished built in the studio. It was really basic, but the the vibe was grade. I was. I was pleased to be in Africa, but it was a crazy time. Yeah, it didn't. I didn't just go to the studio, make record the who so many crazy little things. You know, Fela Kuti. Yeah, he was the when I arrived. First thing I see in the newspapers, Paul McCartney he comes to steal Blackman's music. Oh God, you know. No problems. So I get his number. I ringing most fella poem can't hear. I hear you've said in the newspaper that I'm coming to see her. I said, I'm not, you know, you come out still magma. I said, no, I'm not to come over to the studio and I'll play you a couple of the things we're doing and you'll see it's nothing like what you do on. We're not gonna. It's basically people saw inside written outside anyway. So he came over with like thirty wives. Yeah. Studio, fuller Danja. I mean, he was one wildcat. It used to have a bottle of whiskey in which was marinated a pound of pot. Newest. But he was, you know, we turned out to be real good friends and he got. He said, no, you're not too. Was that when ginger Baker was down there? Well, yeah, engine was his friend. Yeah. Okay. I'll tell you this story. Okay. Okay. Now you brought in general. We go in out. Fellow invites us to is club, which is outside Legos. And it's called the African shrine and to we go. Yeah. Okay. So this is a few of us little white people think about me than the couple of friends and. We go out to put..

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