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The oxen horses and other animals died various families had brought their dogs out west as well they all died many were eaten the reeds did adopt two of the donner children they that's nice many of the widows who made it out remarried quickly women were in short supply out west some married before summer hit the youngest of the donner children threeyearold elisa would publish an account of what happened that winner in one thousand nine eleven one young traveller nancy graves was nine years old during the winter eighteen forty six eighteen forty seven she refused to acknowledge her involvement even when contacted by historians interested in recording the most accurate version of the tale she reportedly was unable to recover from her role in the cannibalism of her brother and mother shed eater brother and her mom that lewis keys berg the guy who probably eight camps donner he brought a definite well did eater but may have killed her brought a defamation suit against several members of the release par party who did accuse him of murdering tamsin donner the court awarded him a dollar in damages also made him pay court costs so you can tell the court probably was a little suspicious that he may have done it and eighteen forty seven story printed in the california star described keys perks actions in ghoulish terms and and his near lynching by the salvage party reported they reported that he preferred eating human flesh over the cattle and horses and that had become exposed in the spring thaw historian charles charles mcglashan amassed enough material to indict key for the murder of thompson donner but then he interviewed him and then he concluded that he didn't think a murder had occurred as key spur grilled or became a hermit kept himself a guess business wasn't too good at his restaurant probably didn't have finger steaks on the menu he became a social pariah routinely threatened told mcglashan i often think that the almighty his singled me out among all the men on the face of the earth in order to see how much hardship suffering and misery a human can bear others now memorial to where the camp was trapped for the winter the donner memorial state park the top of the twenty two foot tall pedestal indicates how to snow was when rescue parties arrived twenty two feet deep what a nightmare amazement anyone made it out alive maze that they were able to be rescued of those who who died in the donner party thirty four died that winter and what did we learn this episode outside of some history well we learned that some people we another person just as as themselves and others others won't we'll kind of person you are you the kind of eat somebody to survive or not would you rather die i think i would do it i think of someone was already dead especially someone i didn't know well i think i could do it it was my immediate family i don't think i could i couldn't eat my kids i couldn't eat lindsey i don't think i could eat my doodles i don't think i could get my parents i couldn't even parents or grandparents i don't think it might allegany my sister or nieces nephews that kind of stuff i feel like i have a few cousins i could eat i could eat a few my neighbors there's some people to gm i could definitely eat some strangers for sure for some reason i picture myself eating a ideally ginger why is that maybe because i i enjoy poultry and maybe they're white skin reminds me of poultry meat but that's doesn't make sense because i think i think it would be more like beef yeah would you know so i guess a person's color doesn't matter someone lean that's my preference i like a lean steak filet mignon i don't like fatty steak i would like somebody lena musco i pictured them having you know more steak maybe like a serena williams she looks tasty to me is that weird to say tom hardy the actor tom hardy he looks maybe he's just so manley he looks i feel like he'd make a tasty steak is that weird i'm gonna stop now who would you eat discuss amongst yourselves it's not time for top five takeaways.

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