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Yeah memory hopefully the top will still come all met all about the top identical make atop come up because just all the safety factors in the new rule changes in all stuff like that without they make he's dan cars but let me ask you again let's go back to lebanon pro wrestler my damn black lab just came in here county in her she wanted dog just came in here her she wanted dogs has yellow thank you all the way to our nation your question about your us and you said you work on any scene and how long you've been working believe it or not the work of our powerball damn near sixty sixty weird i one thing i originally broke in what may or may not know what are you know who you think by broke your would rodney mack a dad as former wwe young women happy in they married and they they went out when she was still gonna run in the body had got released on it came as before his mind when you can open w hours doing some work in in kentucky in a up on them to him and he was trading nominee from lafayette louisiana and not and not a oath up with him and started training such what you're saying by a rock price and i know you know rob price fairly well in a he's still down here you still doing independent show that the time i was doing some run some running around you know sitting in the backseat listening to all these guys talk you know when you go on a long road trips you sitting up in a frigging to our.

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