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I'm here with Casey Hello We just had a pretty heated discussion about the Irishman everyone which kind of sets us up. Great for marriage story. Maybe a bit like a divorce and start seeing Sondheim here in a minute. So marriage story is is a movie directed and written by the Great Noah. Baumbach one of my favorite filmmakers ever since I was in college and he made Kicking and screaming and then another movie called Mr Jealousy which didn't perform super well was just okay. They took a very long break in his career. Before coming back strong with squid and the whale and just been to me on a chair since then agreed like one of the great filmmakers of our of my generation But but what do I know I watch one hundred percent of movies so stars. Well we'll get through the whole cast but obviously Scarlett Scarlett Johansson and Adam driver are the leads Who is the kid? What was his name? I don't know that kids actually other than that. He looks like Danny Lloyd from the shining meaning. He was good yeah. I thought he did a good job. They didn't ask too much of them. they didn't need like Kramer versus Kramer Level Emotion Oceana this kid but I think he used them fine. So let's talk about it. What did you think I? I'm going to start the disclaimer disclaimer. That I watched this on net. flicks didn't see in theaters me too. Okay all right cool do who had theatrical L. Experience you had this movie okay okay cool so maybe you'll have a different a more theatrical take And I went in very nervous because the kind of general consensus around the movie woods is going to break your heart is going to be really gut wrenching And I actually found it less gut wrenching than I thought it was GONNA be. I did really enjoy a same here. Yeah I thought it was pretty fair. Inevitably everybody was taking a side of who they thought was right. Oh Yeah Yeah. I think kind of misses the point but I thought it was pretty fair in the performances. Were were amazing is talking about who was right. That's an interesting thread. Oh my gosh. So many people chose team too cold team. Charlie what team are you on. I well like I said I feel like it's pretty fair. I'm slightly more team Nicole. Okay but I love and I know we're going to get into this one of my favorite things when I was reading reviews about this is so many people call Laura dern and when she used to like God made women are judged so much more harshly and it goes back to the Bible so many people call at that scene in the very next thing they right is Adam. Drivers cares a great father and he had so many chances to cheat.

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