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You mentioned turf way. So we gotta talk about that. You know driving by that location now feels so like just weird to see no Turkey park there. What's the discussion there the plans and the timeline for seeing something built. Okay. So they're actually we finished demolition about a month ago. So you're right. It's Eerie Of course, this whole year has been Erie right so We finished the meet with no cut with no patrons guests, and so it just kinda continues to get a little surreal as we knocked down the facility We got a lot of people watching that during the entire course of the demolition. Now, what we're doing is moving earth to to for the new facility and from the from the drawings I've seen so far and I was at the opening of A. Of HR, emphasis in Oak Grove Kentucky that Churchill downs owns it'll be similar to to turf. It's absolutely going to be gorgeous. It's organic. We'll have around thirteen hundred gaming positions there. Will have a big a grandstand area for people to watch horse racing during the winter in that space will be multi use. So during the eight months that we don't raise will be able to host conventions and and parties and things like that. So we'll be able to use that part of facility all year round Churchill downs invested five and a half million bucks on a new racing surface which is a cult pita with We we've always for fifteen years. We've had a synthetic surface but. This is the. This is the top of the top of the game in the racing business and it's a it's formulated just for winter racing at turf way. So it's very forgiving and safe for our horses and jockeys in. So the whole whole thing should be prepared finished about a year from From this coming November so I'd say late fall of next year we'll see terrifically PARCO. We can't wait for that and you know in just talking about the history of of sharp way part from the Tonja took Florence and now to newport you guys are covering all bases of the Northern Kentucky, how important is it though to bring? Not just the economy and helping the economy that way but to bring a little entertainment to this area as well. Well, it's well, obviously, it's very, you know I was birthday as A. As in during its decline and when I first arrived turf star working for a guy named Bob Elston. Bob. Was One of one of the better tracks in the country a lot of pride in that as we lost revenue loss purse money, which is the money we give to people.

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