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A pork processing plants have shut down due to covert nineteen and that's leading to losses in the pig farming industry to go to market at a certain size if they get any larger they can't be processed and that's been a big problem for pig farmers in Wisconsin we're seeing up to a million hogs a day backing up Tom Mueller is with maple creek farm several people that we work with the template among diets with the problem is you're only died in so long and they still have a bunch of little ones coming up behind them that need space in the barn he says they sell their pork to caterers but that market has dried up so they're not trying to sell pork products directly to the public Ribeiro ABC news virgin Atlantic is planning to cut thirty one hundred jobs and end its operation at London's Gatwick airport because of what it called the most devastating crisis since the companies first flight thirty six years ago the airline which is in the process of applying for emergency loans in the British government says job losses will be across the board also planning to reduce the size of its fleet Starbucks will reopen eighty five percent of its stores this way you're doing it with enhanced safety protocols in the stores and experiences that we know we can deliver to customers in a safe way CEO Kevin Johnson says the company has learned a lot from what happened in China Wayfair says is seeing a spike in sales as American stock at home renovate the company's revenue jumped twenty percent in the first quarter this is ABC news across the nation lockdowns are common and some states are even talking about keeping them for months more now newsmax is conducting a national poll asking Americans when these lockdown should end we're also asking what president trump should do next so let your voice be heard photo newsmax is national poll just text the word fish to thirty nine seven four seven that's finished the thirty nine seven four seven Congress the media and president trump need to know your opinion text fish to thirty nine seven four seven now and go to newsmax it's real news for real people derail opener ABC news not completing high.

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