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Your performance john gordon is a bestselling author his new book is just coming out it's called the power of a positive team we have one more segment with john stay with us we're going to talk about the topic we are better together a fascinating word the john's go to explain to us this is the pat williams weekend our we gather like this every weekend on news ninety six five here in orlando and always get to chat with some fascinating people more with john gordon folks right after these messages now now the three big things you need to know three three president trump's former campaign manager paul manafort was sent to jail on friday to await his trial this coming after us district judge amy berman jackson revoked the chairman's bail which had allowed him to live under house arrest in his apartment in virginia the decision follows witness tampering charges placed on manafort after the derailing of the sand blaster rollercoaster thursday night on the daytona beach boardwalk which caused to people to fall and many others to be taken to the hospital the florida department of agriculture has released a statement saying the ride had been inspected just hours before the incident nearly a new international airport friday night a woman was fatally shot at echo lodge motel investigators say they discovered a woman's body in a room that was registered to.

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