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Yeah. You tell t._j. L. l. let him bring it. I'll let him do the dirty that mostly for the women that follow me because they love to comment and tweet me back saying like ood sas a going on which was only my reaction. Actually no one did it was just me for you but he was just me sharing my mood that exact moment i feel like someone ooh. I've done something wrong this conversation because i'm playing the role like oh. My gosh like what what is t._j. No he wasn't supposed italian laughing but i didn't think about because she knows i don't. I don't mess with twitter her but what does it because i was going to be like the sympathetic like oh my gosh. What is that and i think i did pretty well yeah. It wasn't like a serious the ribs home. She dragged out on me. Yeah <hes> i really did well. I'm not going to tweet roma is alone. No it was because i knew it was gonna be about something good but did you to work. Did you get a reaction from him. Does your response talking. He's just busy with stuff and he's not feeling well from his weekend with the boys and <hes> but yeah just talking and i want to move right so i mean it's interesting conversation. What's he doing this weekend. He hasn't made plans for the weekend <music>. I'm out of town oh for yeah. That's kind of own you them okay. You can't blame him if he hasn't made plans but you're going to be out of town this weekend again. I'm just glad it's all cleared up now yeah. He <music> podcast is new everyday subscribe now to a._c. T._j. On demand now and i the focus.

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