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Woods will play Jon Rahm. We'll see if you can be at least somewhat effective there. Justin Thomas and ROY McElroy three. Oh, six AM. Brooks kept Kepala Casey Webb Simpson. Justin, Rose, Tony female. Tommy Fleetwood Fleetwood has been fantastic in this along with. Francesco Molinari their foreign, oh, I have not been excited by what I've seen thus far. I don't know that they're out of it. But by all purpose. It's over ten six. It's happened before where we've come back and made the spectacular comeback, but you have to get a fourteen and a half points to win. And if I'm doing my math correctly. Ten. Plus four and a half is fourteen and a half. So the Ryder Cup can be won by the Europeans with just four and a half points. It'll probably be over pretty early in the day. There'll be a lot of matches going on that are completely and utterly meaningless. But you start to scratch your head. And you start to wonder why the heck can't we win in Europe? And a guy by the name of Kevin van Valkenburgh, senior writer ESPN wrote a very very interesting story saying we are much better at using analytics to understand sports these days, there are still some things with the Ryder Cup that we don't understand that our head scratchers. But there are a handful of things that really do make sense in the first one he gets to number one for whatever reason Ryder Cup makes Tiger Woods, mortal. And he's right. I mean, Tiger Woods is awful in the team play at the Ryder Cup. We knew that going in. But Tiger Woods was so hot you. How could you not put him on the? Team right, especially after winning. I mean, he's already selected when he won the tournament east like the tour championship. But the fact is that you were we were all kind of on board with select again before that bad call Phil Mickelson fad, call the main reason that those guys and most of these guys this is another one of his points here is there they play a style golfing America, which I've never heard this before huge golf, and I follow golf pretty closely. But I've never heard this term. I know what it means on. Maybe this guy made it up, but the bomb and gouge style of golf, which is bombed out there and go find it and try to get it on the green. Well, this course, let championship gold for something. Like that. In Paris is not that style. We're talking to Flint Wheeler last hour. He brought it up. There are a lot of guys on the American team who haven't even brought drive out of the bag. And that's why Tommy Fleetwood and Francesco Molinari who are more precise. Golfers are doing so. Oh, well, stay in the fairway. Patrick rita's been hitting balls more in the water, then on the grass. So the style of golf that the Americans play does not suit european-gulf. So obviously when we're going over there, which is every other year to play the Ryder Cup. They're gonna put us on courses that does not suit American styles of golf. So it makes sense. I mean, you look at it from that perspective. It's a very very good way to break it down. And why is it that the Americans aren't able to play that kind of golf? This is another thing. I find interesting, and I gripe about this every time we hear golfers, and it's generally it majors. They don't do it in regular PGA tour events, but in majors how many times have we heard golfers specially the Americans, but there. The Europeans do it as well. But when the course is too hard for whatever reason rough is too long, the greens are too fast. Whatever it is. They come plane. They're the biggest weiner's when it comes to. The course not suiting their game and van Valkenburgh gets into that. Saying that the PGA tour kind of. Cottle's American golfers. They set up the courses to suit their games. He says it's not like other sports. They are the product not the labor if the players don't like the core setup. They go to complaining about it until it gets changed. And if it doesn't guess what they skip that event, unless it's a major, whereas the Europeans, whatever man, they're more pliable more, flexible, more dapple and go out there play any kind. Of course, it's another thing. I thought couldn't be true that when it comes to the pairing of the players together, I always scratch my head and wonder why are those two guys playing together? What makes a coach put those two guys together? While a lot of times, it's comfort ability are those two guys comfortable together. Another part of it. This is the interesting thing because they play the specific ball. So if it's a title list or tailor-made ball or a Bridgestone whatever because in four ball you hit or maybe it's four psalms. I was confused but in one of its alternate shot. So one guy hits than the next guy hits. They're hitting the same ball. And that they play a different ball every other week of the year. They're going to be flustered when they come up and play this other guys ball. So they put all the title guys together and all the Bridgestone guys together. I'm like that is preposterous. Guess who doesn't do that? Guess who doesn't care about that the Europeans whenever let me golf ball gonna hit it? Keep it in the fairway put on the green knock it in Americans are just way too caught up in all this garbage. The other thing is going to be friends with the guy now in this. Contesting of the Ryder Cup, the two Americans that have been good, Justin, Thomas and Jordan Spieth. Our best buds. So it's worked out okay in that particular iteration, but a lot of times it's like these guys have to be friendly with each other before they can go out there and perform out of very high level, which I think is ridiculous go out there and play your game. But there are things that get into your head like Tiger Woods back to the first point. Van Valkenburgh gets into this whole thing about they've tried everything to get somebody to play with Tiger Woods. Whether it's a veteran, a rookie who doesn't know any better, a nobody. And also ran that just barely made the team kind of a guy just every sort of different kind of player to go out there and play with Tiger Woods. And it hasn't worked. Patrick Reed has been a trophyless. They also put him with Brian the Shambo. I agree. He described it as listless and non-competitive. I agree. I was watching both of them. They both seem board. Whereas the Europeans are like fired up ready to go. Tiger Woods now. Has lost his last seven consecutive team matches and Ryder Cup. He's nine seventeen in one. When playing with another guy, so they can't figure out how to get Tiger Woods rolling in the Ryder Cup. And it's been twenty five years since we've won in Europe. I think if I remember correctly, it's not in this article. But they've only ever won two times in Europe two times, they do.

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