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And the joker. A one of the most recognizable superhero villain pairings. There is they've been around since one thousand nine hundred thirty nine and nineteen forty respectively and ever since they've been an integral part of the DC Universe Harley. Quinn is a much later edition to the mythos. She was created in Nineteen ninety-two by writer. Paul Dini and animator Bruce Timm for the show Batman the animated series at the time her prospects for becoming a central DC antagonised not great rather than being a villain in her own right. She was a convenient female sidekick for the joker. The quintessential mall or gangsters female companion. She was there as backup. But like every good malt. Holly can be anything you want her to be. Which has allowed her to move and change across time and medium hints of this potential. Were evident from her very first. Nineteen Nine Hundred Ninety two appearance in episode twenty of Batman the animated series. We're in a small office. Our attention focused on the joker. Whose drooling voice is Scheming. Up Some new plan or other then the camera pans out. And we see her Harley Quinn sitting on the jokers desk painting her nails. She's dressed in a black and red just a costume. The first words out of her mouth or speculation about the reason joker wants to commit his next crime. It IS TO LAUGH MR J. This comes out in a Twangy Deep New England accent a far cry from the jokers own educated transatlantic tones. She's asking for his his approval. Her next few lines enthusiastic affirmations of the jokers genius punctuated by whistling clapping. This is the original Harley. Quinn the site chick. The Mall Mall the Seagull Villain..

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