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Picks up his second foul. Save your Simpson. It's Michigan to the offense to Charles Matthews. The overplay by copy allows Matthews to go back door. Good challenge by Daniel Otaru goes up and blocks the shot it goes out of bounds up Otaru. But michigan. We'll reset the offense with eight seconds on the shot clock. Great blocked shot. That's the rim. Protection is cows Matthews had a dunk. Jordan pool cuts back door through the lane on the weak side of the inbound it's knocked out of bounds by Minnesota and Xavier Simpson will trigger it in again this time to the right of the basket on the hoop to our left bras dak- splashes to the basketball shot clock at five in the paint. Whistle. And a foul going to be called during Jordan Murphy. Murphy that time very physical with bras Dake is on the catch bras. Davis was a bit of a hurry. Add to be the shot clock is running down. But now. Twenty-second shot clock for Michigan to go to work. It goes to Matthews in the corner, he'll catching fire airball over the rim. Matthew still looking to find his touch after missing three games with the ankle injury. Looks to be moving. Okay. But hasn't been able to get a shooting amp at three yesterday. But he shot Tuesday. Look, you didn't see. Well. Good. Murphy gets the left block. He goes right back at Iggy bras. It's the half hook in the lane. He's gotten a couple to go in the second half more aggressive getting to that shot over the left shoulder. He's gone to kind of the true load host where prostate this is not a true low post defender or player Matthews on the drive that time Matthews got it floated up over the big man and got it to fall forty-three Twenty-three Michigan with a twenty point lead over Minnesota. So it's kind of interesting. I I said Michigan state game wouldn't kill Michigan state actually have a day off for to play on Friday. Whereas michigan..

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