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Story with the latest out there. Well, lower. Yeah, this is over and Andrew Square, South Boston, Dorchester. I've shut down both directions. Here. It's Southampton Street. Apparently, tractor trailer struck a pedestrian in that intersection there causing some very serious injuries. You have heavy police activity on the scene, right? House to do expect delays in the area of Andrew Square, South Boston, Dorchester. I've shut down here at Southampton Street Down on route 24 North bound. You got about a mile back up approaching war cruiser route 44, Random for 95 South bound. You got roadwork set up here at Exit three and Middleborough just the top of the brakes getting by them room 1 38 remains shut down both directions as the crash investigation continues earlier crash that took down a pole in some wires as well. Again. We're 1 38 shut down both directions here it for 95 in rain. Ham downtown Boston, looking pretty good all around up in haven for 95. North bound. Expect brake lights getting by the right lane closure here at Ward Hill. This report sponsored by T Mobile for Business T Mobile business Advantage Get up to 90 Days of unlimited free of business plans via bill credits when you switch plus taxes and fees stop by for details over 50 gigabytes per month of lower speeds during congestion video it for 80 P c t mobile dot com. Kevin Brennan. Traffic on the threes are Kevin. We'll check back in 10 minutes. A nice sunshine in and out of the clouds out there. A little bit of a fog cover in spots is well tonight at 11 o'clock, a wind advisory goes.

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