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Dealing with teammates has had trouble dealing with certain coaches. Those adjust backs that's not week sauce that's not those are, facts will he get along well with his teammates on the. Lakers this year Willie Melwood O'Brien and the way LeBron looks to, his teammates to act and work, and dedicate themselves to be determined it's not a given maybe Rondo finds a? New motivation maybe. Thanks this is the biggest break, ever gotten a light to play with LeBron and play. In LA maybe doesn't and maybe a handful maybe a Royal pain in the rear end to be. Determined at bats you can't tell me. All the Brian and Rondo, are going to get along tremendously like, peanut butter and jelly I don't know that we need to wait and see Staint Stevenson has. Had up and down NBA career, at times. These looked like he could be an all star level player and at times he's look doesn't, even belong, in the league and, yes he's a little manic and he's a little crazed and he was. Tugging on Superman's Cape when he decided to blow in LeBron's ear I don't know that I would ever go. There Verani buddy going up against Bon I'd want to Stay away from getting. LeBron's attention rather than narrow focus. It on me Michael Beasley has been one of the. Most, frustrating players in the NBA for the better part of a decade now after coming out as the number two pick has bounced around from team to team two team, two team because he's got talent teams continue to give him a chance but he's gone for making money and less money. And less money that. Any just has to take what's offered to him because let's be honest he's been on the scrapheap a couple of times just flat. Out, released, by teams despite being the second pick overall in the draft, again I I'm sorry to put these things like fax, into the conversation even if it's a week sauce narrative in your estimation and. I. Don't have a. Segment on, national TV called shocked. In the fool okay that was me I noted I bring it up I will Point to it. And say, yes shack decided to specifically take shots agile McGee and McGee has been another guy who's kind of bounced around the league and gone from. Team to team woulds dealt as a salary dump that the seventy Sixers took on his salary and gave up players that really weren't going to help the team that McGee, was leaving just to get his salary off their salary cap that's not exactly star status now to mcgee's credit as a. Veteran minimum paid guy. I think he actually gave some good minutes there warriors and did some nice things to the warriors and I think Shaq had to. Eat, a, little crow because Barclay and Kenny gave him a hard time, because after he put them in a recurring role on, shocked the fool he started to play well for Golden State side actually think. McGee. Signing was pretty. Good but, again he's a bit. Of a Wilde's character and I don't know how all these characters are gonna come together maybe LeBron will be this mystic type leader and it'll all work perfectly but most leopards don't change their spots mid career so I think it is absolutely within my purview to question how this group is going to interact. Sorry if that doesn't jive with your LeBron cures all ills narrative, I don't think. That the Lakers have done a phenomenal job at putting supporting cast members around LeBron now they couldn't. Get quiet Leonard San Antonio wasn't up to trading him in conference and leaving him in the west and having to face him I think they did want to trade him to, the east and they play de leverage game as. Best they could and Toronto came up. With a, star level player in return So they didn't have to. Even go down a youth road Popovich. Is, not looking to rebuild at this, stage of, his career so mission accomplished for San Antonio which. Means the Lakers. Couldn't get them Paul George stalled everybody would listen that he wanted to, become home and play in LA and because he..

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