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School leather coat he got leather boots and new pets even got new underwear out of that so he probably was one of them were dumber people that come in contact with he was naked at some point as well at some point he got whenever we serve a search warrant it's always about drugs and sex no matter that's you find it intersects involved in there somewhere so so how much different or is it different spills like this all the time what's it like during speed weeks there is one woman you don't wanna see naked several years ago with the bra and i thought the only thing the only damage being done is any walks by any any heterosexual male it'd be like well i gotta run a woman sure sure sheriff mike chitwood joining mcgee sheriff a la favorite quote from the story is i think he acts sentenced our producer travis one we were asked about mr greenwood the naked man in airport you refer to him as a frequent flyer flyer so you guys history with this cat yeah he's been he's been baker active for the few times he's also been arrested for assault on at daytona beach firefighter and a police officer and he's filed probably half a dozen reports claiming to be a victim of a crime so there you go that's a frequent flyer arresting people arresting people is one thing but when you show up and they they got no clothes on do you just come around the corner and go oh god man why did he have to naked it it makes it a little bit hard when you ask them for their license and registration raise your problem with identifying you know i always say they told the beach and stuff happens you know stuff just happens here the gravitational pull of the atlantic ocean i'll be using that that's exactly what it is the gravitational pull the atlantic ocean just put up a sign scumbags because ninety five national treasure brother thank you for the insight this morning we'll we'll be we'll be doing this again if you're coming down for the july race let me know maybe we'll get you out one night for some fun on patrol.

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