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Joy seventeenth not a. Bad start I thought really with the a lot of. Rain storms I mean at our place last night Just what my wife. Got home about quarter after five and. As I do a. Lot if I hear come in I will grab the. Dog and then you know when the Her rig stops I. Hear the door open all that the dog out and there's, a little back and forth. Between them that just, really fun And He was kinda blowing up. Thunder I'm winning the, distance but I still let the dog out she ran around and as my wife got to the back, door it's one of those, flash, boom let new thunder. Combinations I, mean it was right over the house and she looked at me and she's, like, wow and then all the hairs on her arms and the back of her neck just stood right. Up she's, like, man that was that scared. Me like right now stare. Me and so we went right inside and over the next probably twenty. Minutes we got about an inch and quarter rain was blowing. Sideways it was. Sheets it was raining hard and then the rest of the, evening I think I'd dumped out almost an inch and a half of the gauge this. Morning so it was pretty. Interesting don't seem to get lightning storms like that very, much least not at our. Place so it was kind of. Fascinating, I'm I'm one of those people that I like to go out and see. It she's always, yelling get in, here get out of that and all I enjoy it a. Lot and I will say this to yesterday what a fantastic day You know working went up and so so the good. People that legacy, retirement for a, little bit after the show and just had a ball up. There rain a couple of errands and in my buddy Jeff Who is Well I wouldn't call him. A photographer he's got a nice camera and he volunteers. A lot I don't know if that makes, for not but he takes pretty good pictures Archie Griffin scholarship fund a big golf outing at the. Lakes yesterday so he just sent me a note, and, said hey I'm gonna, be out. Shooting pictures you wanna ride around, with me. Loved, abbey. Yeah sure So, ran my, errands and. They had started around eleven. Thirty I, got, up there just afternoon but you know they're on golf carts and so, hey just come pick me, up tell me where you're at no. Finding on and on and on and just a hoot an, absolute who Bill Conley was. Out there, Bill Conley I mean I know he, was a fantastic recruiter great coach. Football how Dominican that dude kin swat the golf ball. I'm like dang he found what I'm not, sure what holy was on because you know we're all over the place but he blow par four. Dogleg left you've got a pond out there in, the, in the corner and, he just. Popped it I mean it was, just like. Way, m Bill, you've been holding back he smiled I forget. Who all Jerry Lucas was out there Jerry Lucas driver might be the longest golf club. I have ever seen in my life I'm not, sure how tall Jerry is large person. But couple of guys in his group he pulled up on them and they were trying. To swing his club and hit balls I with the golf club is, six inches longer than anybody else's driver. And it was hilarious to. Watch that, so that was big fun of course I saw Archie. And Archie, is such a good guy I. Mean we roll up for taking, pictures he, comes right. Overs Joel longtime you know shakes hands and then he just put this little butter wedge on the. Green and they. Popped in the birdie that was cool and for me a highlight because you just I liked occasionally just throw stuff. At people just to, get, their reaction, so former OSU golf coach Brown coach Brown brownie, is playing in one of the groups and his group is clearly. Struggling a little. Bit on the green so he's watching. He's one And he just sits the ball down just this. Great stroke right a, Cup, for birding, they're all high fiving each other and he walks, off the green and I just looked at him and I say. Rocky Miller teacher. That stroke And he stops Dennis tracks and he walks right over to me how do you know rocky and..

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