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Student body on campus is ten percent international students and we have several international student representatives in as congressional members she also says the pledge is not in the student Congress bylaws so she thought it best to try to remove it from meeting agendas governor Kevin instead wants to do something about contraband cell phones in state prisons here's Brett Myers and D. O. C. director Scott crow says contraband cell phones or the agencies number one security threat the governor is directing state agencies to explore all possible technology solutions to eliminate the threat posed by the contraband cell phones including geo location systems and cell phone jammers he also wants to look into the liability of cell phone service companies that provide cell phone service to contraband cell phones he wants to develop a plan to hold those companies accountable more controversy surrounding lawyer Keegan Heris of Oklahoma City she's charged with intimidating a state's witness and now her attorney says Harris is also facing misdemeanor federal ammunition complains an arrest warrant accuses her of possessing ammunition and selling or disposing of a fire arm to a prohibited person Harris is set to go before a federal judge this week the state's witness Harris is accused of intimidating was found dead along with her parents at a house in bags speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi addressing impeachment on CBS's sixty minutes says her Republican call. eggs are wrong for saying president trump's call with Ukraine's president does not rise to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors below sea says there's more than just the call that could be impeachable as part of the sequencing of events as well he withdraws a couple hundred million dollars worth of assistance to a country and then a couple days later say by the way can you help me with my campaign in other words that there's a sequencing there the White House released a log of the call based on notes and recollections of what was said last week president trump urged Ukraine's leader to work with president trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani and Attorney General bill Barr to investigate former vice president Joe Biden and his son under a man arrested in Spencer after threatening to shoot people inside a house that happen you're thirty six then post road police say Jackie Ellis had knocked on the door of the house looking for a girl when the people inside the house told him she wasn't there he allegedly threatened to get a gun and kill everybody inside police say Ellis left but returned with a gun and fired one shot into the air officers arrested Ellis on complaints of reckless discharge of a firearm and threatening an act of violence the equal employment opportunity commission has filed a lawsuit against black forest decor L. L. C. for allegedly forcing a warehouse employee and he needed to take unpaid leave and then firing her for excessive absences the employee had a medical condition that required surgery the lawsuit seeks back pay and punitive damages. from the Kitty okay weather center on the former team will be partly cloudy today were headed to the upper eighties low nineties and.

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